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WebHostingPad Review




WebHostingPad Review


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WebHostingPad Review

Name: WebHostingPad



415 West Golf Road, Suite 5

Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Price/Plans: Power plan all-inclusive-$1.99 per month.

Power Plan Plus optimized for WordPress- $2.99 per month.

Create A Website for $1.99/Month

Company Name:

WebHostingPad Overview

WebHostingPad is one of the cheapest web hosting companies in the market. It was founded in 2005 and has continuously delivered website hosting solutions at an affordable price. It offers several Web hosting services such as WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and shared hosting. WebHostingPad provides free website transfer and a free domain. They provide decent customer support and give a thirty-day guarantee to refund your money if you don’t like the services.

How to set up your WebHostingPad

When you want to set up your web hosting pad, Cpanel is the account’s control panel. You set up your accounts such as FTP accounts, email accounts, and many more in the Cpanel. To set it up, you first open your suitable web browser and type in your domain name in the browser address bar and then enter. The domain name you enter should be the one you related to your web hosting account with Enter your username and password in the popup window that will appear and hit enter. The username and password are created when signing up. After entering those login details, you access the main page of the Cpanel of your Web hosting Pad.

Type of Web hosting

WebHostingPad offers shared VPS and WordPress web hosting. In each hosting, there’s a range of plans to meet the specific needs of different customers.

What WebHostingPad hosting offers


WebHostingPad has excellent customer service. They have 24/7 support available in live chat, through email, or by a call. The company website also has an extensive support base featuring video tutorials, FAQs, and articles related to its products and web hosting in general. They have tech support that is knowledgeable, friendly, and ready to help. You can also reach them through their Facebook page and Twitter account to get answers to your queries.

Server OS

WebHostingPad specializes in Linux hosting. They typically support Linux hosting technologies such as MySQL databases, PHP, Python, and Perl. Their WordPress servers feature an SSD with a global CDN and optimized Cloud Linux, which increases your website’s speed.


WebHostingPad enables email hosting and domain registration. It offers two packages for email hosting to choose from; Pad mail and pad mail plus. The pad mail is best suitable for individuals and companies that do not require to send a lot of attachments, and their emails are light. The plan provides you with 1 GB of storage at the cost of $40 per year. With Pad mail, you can host email accounts without limitations.

On the other hand, Pad mail Plus is ideal for large enterprises. This plan offers you 5 GB/10 GB of storage, and it does not restrict the number of emails you send per hour. Pad mail Plus costs $50 per year. In both plans, they feature unlimited email accounts, email forwarders, and autoresponders. They also have a customizable spam filter, web mail access, and pop3 and IMAP support.

Bandwidth Limits

WebHostingPad provides unlimited bandwidth on its shared hosting plans.


WebHostingPad loads a 1.2 MB webpage in 3.3seconds, which is within the recommended load time in this industry, but slower than the most popular web hosts in the market. Also, the maximum size of a file you can upload is 9.7 GB in every file upload. When you use the file manager tool to upload your files, you can upload three files into the server by default. But you can still add more files when you need them. When you require to upload huge batch files, you can use FTP client software such as FileZilla to manage. FileZilla software is free.

What is the storage Limit?

In WebHostingPad, they offer unlimited disc space.

Uptime (SLA)

WebHostingPad guarantees a 99.99% uptime throughout the 12 months. Their uptime is consistent with the industry standard. However, in the SLA of the company website, it does not cover the downtime resulting from the provider’s failure, connection issues, DDoS attacks, or any other problem that is not directly the faultiness of WebHostingPad. Also, it is unclear how a user can act on the guarantee. WebHostingPad provides security about their uptime and promises to reimburse their customers for any downtime equaling 8 hours a month. Therefore, if you receive a downtime of fewer than 8 hours a month, you do not receive any compensation.

Backend managed or unmanaged.

WebHostingPad offers an automated Weekly Backup Service to your account. Still, you have to make sure you backup all your website data because it does not guarantee the restoration of the lost data. The company also helps in the basic configuration of clients’ email. But for Advanced structures such as adding a third-party email account or spam filtering. WebHostingPad also maintains, secures, and configures all the software present in their server and performs malware scans for your account.

Tools and training

WebHostingPad provides several free tools in all the plans that you can use for content management, blogging, video editing, and more. Some tools include Magneto, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Zenphoto, and Coppermine.

Also, WebHostingPad offers a free file manager tool that you can use to manage files, upload files, change files, and delete files, and more.

Pro and cons


  • Offers cheap hosting options
  • Fast and responsive customer support
  • Good for beginners


  • Low uptime
  • Restrictive Backup option.

Final Verdict

WebHostingPad is an excellent hosting provider best suited for small businesses and individuals looking forward to launching and building their web presence. It offers many low-cost website hosting plans to choose the most ideal for your needs.

WebHostingPad offers everything you need to launch your website: domain names, site builders, WordPress, and more. Click here to get started!

WordPress Hosting for $2.99/Month

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Here is my article on How to Build a Website Easy – In Less Than 5 Minutes

and here is a comparison of my favorite webhosting provider against WebHostingPad:


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