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KnownHost LLC Review




KnownHost LLC Review

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KnownHost LLC Review

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Name: KnownHost LLC Review



1379 Dilworthtown Crossing, Suite 214

West Chester, PA 19382

Price/Plans: starts from $3.47 per month to $158 per month

Managed Solutions Provider

Company Name: KnownHost

KnownHost Overview

Started in 2006, KnownHost is one of the best hosting companies that provide high-performance web hosting. It provides fully managed hosting services to individuals and businesses of all sizes. KnownHost boasts itself of offering reliable and secure hosting solutions. It offers managed dedicated hosting, managed VPS, and other basic cloud-based hosting packages that include reseller, shared, and WordPress hosting.

How to set up your KnownHost web hosting

To create an account with KnownHost is an easy and intuitive process. It will take you at least thirty minutes. The first step is to choose a package plan that will be most suitable for you. After selecting your ideal package, the next step is registering for an account. You do this by filling in your information, set a password, and save. You then review your order and click on the checkout and pay button.

Pay your order either via PayPal or credit card and click on the pay and complete order button. After the processing of your payment, you receive your receipt, confirmation email, and a link to access your Cpanel. Click on the link and enter the login details provided. A notification will prompt requiring you to accept the Agreement terms. Agree on the terms and proceed. It will now be time to create an account that will host your domain. On the home screen, click on the account function button and then click on the create new account button. Select a username and password of your choice and hit the start button.

Type of hosting

KnownHost LLC provides high performance hosting through a managed virtual private server (VPS) and managed dedicated servers.

What KnownHost web hosting offers


Known Host offers fast and reliable customer support that is available 24/7. They provide a support system through emails and a ticketing system. It also supports various knowledge-based resources, including blogs and wiki, plus a very active community online that is a valuable help in times of need. However, this web host does not offer support through live chat or telephone calls.

Server OS

KnownHost is a reliable and highly web hosting company that you can trust with your individual or business website. It supports only Linux based hosting.


KnownHost provides the fastest shared hosting for email applications. They offer fully managed email hosting for small businesses that do not have substantial product portfolios. When using KnownHost for your site, you can conveniently manage your mailing list or webmail in a central place. Its cloud base hosting platform ensures the security of your emails and makes them always available.

Bandwidth limits

KnownHost LLC provides different bandwidth limits in their various plans. Shared and WordPress hosting plans provide unlimited bandwidth. For a VPS web hosting plan, they offer four packages with different bandwidth. The Basic VPS Server Plan has a bandwidth limit of 2 TB; Standard VPS Server Plan has a bandwidth limit of 3 TB; Professional VPS Server Plan has a bandwidth limit of 4 TB, and Premium VPS Server Plan has a bandwidth limit of 5 TB. For a dedicated hosting plan, the cheapest plan offers a bandwidth of up to 1 TB. When your bandwidth needs outgrow the limits, you get the option of scaling to other programs.


KnownHost has a good history of speed. On average, a person using KnownHost dedicated servers will use 2 to 5 MB to watch a streaming video, 3 to 6 MB when doing Skype video conferencing, and 6 to 10 MB while playing a high-end first-person shooter.

What is the storage limit?

KnownHost provides different storage spaces depending on the plans. The Managed WordPress hosting plan offers a disc space of up to 50 GB, with a limit of 100k visitors, while the Managed Business plan offers up to 100 GB storage. The shared web hosting plans have a storage space ranging from 5 GB to unlimited. The VPS hosting plans feature disc space ranging from 50 GB for the cheapest package to 200 GB RAM for the most advanced package. Dedicated hosting provides up to 2 TB storage space.

Uptime (SLA)

KnownHost offers a verified uptime of 99.99%. For the 15 years, they have been in operation, they have regularly improved their software, hardware, configuration, and training to eliminate downtime chances.

KnownHost LLC provides the uptime guarantee in their SLA. Every user of KnownHost who encounters downtime is eligible for a credit on their current hosting account. However, to receive the compensation, their accounts should be in good standing, submit a ticket through the help desk, and submit a request within five days of reported downtime.

You should know that the company does not offer credit due to downtime resulting from internal services such as PHP, Apache, and MySQL. Also, any scheduled downtime, customer-controlled downtime, and acts of force Majeure are not eligible for credit.

Backend Managed and unmanaged.

KnownHost provides fully managed host plans that handle all the technical details for you. Therefore, you do not need to be an expert to run a site with them. They offer instant free set up and provide free backups and free migrations of your site.

Tools and training

KnownHost offers several tools that ensure the superb performance of your site. They utilize several software add-ons such as cloud Linux, open stack, Patchman, lite speed, Storpool backend, LScache, among others. These tools ensure the reliability of the web host to deliver high performance on its servers. The cost of the software add-ons varies depending on the plans.

Pro and cons


  • It offers 24/7 customer support
  • It has excellent uptime and security.
  • It offers free migration and instant setup.


  • It has overwhelmed plans that may be confusing to some users.
  • It does not offer phone technical support.

Final verdict

KnownHost is one of the best high performing web host companies on the market. They feature several hosting plans, giving you various options to choose the most suitable for your needs. It offers WordPress plans, reseller plans, and shared hosting plans. Also, they provide managed VPS and dedicated server plans. The main downside of this web host is its support system. It only uses a ticketing system and email but lacks live chat. However, if you don’t have any problem with that limitation, it is an excellent hosting company worth consideration.

Trust KnownHost with your SSD VPS Hosting deployment! Let our experienced 24/7/365 management team take the worry out of web hosting. Contact KnownHost today to receive 40% off your first invoice and 30% off for life!

High Performance Managed VPS Hosting

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