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Where To Sell Military Uniforms Now




Where to sell military uniforms

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Let’s say for the sake of argument that you are getting out of the military and you do/are not going to join the reserves after you get discharged. Well then, I guess we should take a look at where to sell military uniform items we have, but no longer need. Here we are going to review some places you can sell your military gear.

Double Tap Military Surplus

Double Tap Surplus is the best place to sell your old military uniform and get paid for that. This site is unique; they are ready to buy at any time you contact them.

There is no need for any previous appointment and that means no need to have a prior discussion, or negotiation before you can sell to them. They are already willing to buy and when you settle the price. They pay you instantly right on the spot.

They can buy from anybody who wants to trade their old uniform. It is easier for sellers within the Hampton Road area because that is where the office is located.

They buy from you any form of tactical gear. The company has a large market for those items and that is why they are willing to buy more at any time.

If you reside within the following places Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and beyond that, you can bring your former military gear for purchase. Double Tap Military surplus is interested in buying from you.

They have been in this business for years. The company is different from other dealers because they are always ready with the money to pay for such wear. They do not postpone payment.

One of the major challenges environmentalists face in this country is finding the best way to manage old uniforms. Throwing them away is not the best option because it is not the green way to dispose of them.

Double Tap Military Surplus offers a green way of dealing with the used military gear. The company makes used uniforms useful again by recycling them. When they are recycled they become very useful and many of those who do not find them relevant will need them now.

There is a need to change such military gear. Recycling these products is one of the ways of renewing them to make them more useful. The company knows how best to renew them and sell them to others who may need it. Some may have faded because they were not kept in good hygienic condition.

Because of the years, they were left unused, it may look as if they are no longer useful but they can be renewed and become useful again. This is what Double Tap Military Surplus will help to achieve. So do not throw such clothes away, they can be renewed and become useful and earn you money.

Double Tap Military Surplus will pay you check once you bring the unwanted military uniforms. They do not require any appointment before they buy your military clothing from you. Just come with ID, and they are ready to do business. It is that simple.

The company is interested in buying from you different kinds of military gear, not just uniforms. Anything that is worn or carried in the field can be sold. For example, they can buy military items like clothes.

These include uniform bottoms, uniform tops as well as combat shirts. They also purchase cold-weather clothes as well as wet weather clothing. If you have usable boots, gloves, headgear, PCU Levels as well as layering systems, the company is going to buy them from you.

They are equally interested in military gear like belt kits, load out bags, bags, plate carriers, packs, chest rigs, and pouches.

Besides that, you can sell to them multi tools, knives, magazines, weapon accessories, tents, medical equipment, flashlights, Eye protection, concealment and tents, and other equipment.

It is also important to point out that the company does not purchase everything. Some of those they cannot purchase include clothing like Blue Digital, PT Uniforms, Dress Uniforms, CCP uniforms as well as other items with heavy odors in them like smoke.

Items they purchase must be obtained by you legally. If they are convinced that you do not own them and that you obtained them illegally, they are not going to accept it. While purchasing items from you,

Double Tap Military Surplus works with local authorities as well as federal law enforcement officials. If there is any need to investigate any item purchased, they cooperate with the authorities to have a proper investigation.

Centex Tactical Gear

Centex Tactical Gear is another company that buys military uniforms. If you have used or new military gear, the company buys them from you and they pay you cash instantly.

The company can buy different used and unused military items, but such items must be in a serviceable condition before they can buy them. They know such items are in hot demand across the country as they are used for different purposes such as camping and hiking adventure.

Even military men come to the company to buy from them. Civilians do buy from them as well. Buying such used military items is not forbidden.

If you have any of the military gears like Gore-Tex Jacket, Ruck Sack, Sleep System as well as other important TA-50 issued items, the company is comfortable buying those things from you.

You can call them or visit their office. They buy from you. Some customers contact them through their email address. Just inform them of the kind of military gear you want to sell.

As said before all items they purchase must be in a serviceable condition. Here are some used military gear they are willing to buy from you and they include:

  • Chest rigs
  • Rucksacks and assault packs
  • Canteen and magazine pouches
  • Boots
  • Uniforms
  • Flashlights, surefire, stream light
  • Duty gear, belts, holsters, and pouches
  • Magazine and MOLLE pouches
  • Cold weather gear
  • Pelton Headsets, Common Gear and cables
  • TA-50 as well as other surplus service items

They can also buy from you such other things like first aid supplies, as well as medic kits and tourniquets. You can sell to them firearm accessories, bipods, grips, and magazines. The company buys Desert DCU, Woodland BDU, ACU, as well as Multicam. If you have military system bags and their components they can buy from you.

Other items they purchase include Poncho and wet weather gear. Compasses, canteen cups, and mess kits. Also, included in what they buy from customers are USMC, Army, Navy as well as Air Force service gear. The company purchases camelbacks, cleaning kits, and hydration systems.

If you have condor, BDS, 5.11 tactical as well as Blackhawk, they can buy from you. There is no limit to the number of military items you can sell to the company. The most important thing is to ensure that all those items are in perfect and serviceable condition.

Bradley’s Surplus

Another place you can sell military uniforms is Bradley’s Surplus. They have a soldier purchasing department you can transact those fairly used or unused military wear. If you have such items, you can consult with them and let them know what you have.

They buy different military items from you. Some items they can buy include your military shirts, pants as well as canteens and Assault packs. You can sell others like Gloves, Desert, as well as woodland.

Even if you have bags, prepper, and bug out, the company is going to buy those things from you once you contact the soldier purchasing department.

They can buy your military boots, uniform, and so on. They will have those items and decide whether they can buy from you. There is no need to allow those used items to continue to occupy space in your home now that you want to enjoy a full life as a civilian.

Sell to Local Stores

Look for local stores around your area you can sell such military uniforms. Chances are there that some local stores are purchasing used and serviceable military uniforms from former military.

If you have anything you want to sell, you can contact your neighbors and make inquiries about how you can sell these items within the neighborhood. You may be surprised there is already a market for them.

  • Pawn Shops
  • Flea Markets
  • Army Surplus Stores
  • Yard/Garage Sales

Sell Them Online

The internet is one of the profitable places you can list your old military uniform and sell them.

Some online retail stores such as, eBay or eBay in Germany, Etsy,, Craigslist Worldwide, Facebook, and other notable online retail sites could provide wonderful opportunities for the owners of such military uniforms to sell them online.

You can list them in such sites and wait for the highest bidder to buy from online merchant stores. It is one of the few places you can sell military wear and earn more money.

Sell to Others in the Military

Another way of selling them is to contact your colleagues in the military and ask whether they are interested in buying your used uniforms. You must first organize that equipment and determine those you are willing to let go and those you want to keep.

Keep those you are not willing to sell or give out separate from the rest so there is no confusion.

Moreover, you must set the correct prices for the items you want to sell. It is not difficult to determine the selling price. You can ask those who had experience with this kind of product. If you know the current market value, you can set your price.

It will be easier to sell the uniform and make money if you contact serving military men and women.

If you want to list the items online, you must include the photograph of these products, if it is possible. Moreover, you make a thorough description of the item to ensure that prospective buyers clearly understand the kind of item they are going to buy.

Setting Up Your Website

If you have thought about selling online, then you can set up your own website. There is nothing wrong with pursuing this line of business. If you have large collections of such equipment you want to sell, you can set up and sell it on your website.

Or, you can sell them to resell websites and make money from that.

These are some ways you can sell your military uniforms.

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