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Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019 – Affiliate Marketing for Beginners




Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019

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Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019 – Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

We are an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate

NOTE: A more in-depth and current Wealthy Affiliate Review has been written, please visit it for more accurate and up-to-date information.

I will be giving you my honest opinion in this post on the Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019. I will tell you the benefits of being a a member and how this applies to Affiliate Marketing for Beginners. Of course, this also applies to seasoned professionals, as well.

I will give you my personal experiences as a new member on this website. I will also be able to make references to my experiences with other products and services, since I have several other niche websites using a different web hosting service.

Before we go any further let me give my BLUF (bottom line up front): Wealthy Affiliate allows you to create, manage, and grow your business online and is an all inclusive affiliate marketing platform.

The service provided within include thousands of hours of training, live classes, expert and personal support from me and others, domains, websites, and hosting, and you will be able to network with so many members it is unreal.

It is one of the largest online affiliate marketing communities and the speed of responses to your questions is just amazing. If you don’t believe me then read my full report below that covers everything as I know it right now.


Let’s start with the training that is available here at Wealthy Affiliate!

There are two paths to take; the Affiliate Bootcamp training for those who want to build a site that markets Wealthy Affiliate and the Online Entrepreneur Certification. As a starter member you have access to the first 10 classes to each of these paths.

I’ve taken the Affiliate Bootcamp path as I already have several niche websites on a different hosting service that I have been with for years. The Affiliate Bootcamp consists of 7 phases with each phase having 10 courses. I liked the style and completeness of instruction so much that I upgraded to a premium membership shortly after starting the courses.

The seven phases include:

  1. Getting Your Business Rolling
  2. Content, Keywords, & Conversions
  3. Giving Your Site Social Value
  4. Get Visual, Get Aesthetic, Get a Brand Through Media
  5. Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals
  6. Bing, Yahoo & the Power of PPC
  7. How To Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

Within less than an hour I had a WordPress site installed and started working on my website. The instructions are very clear and if you have any questions you can type them in the search bar above the page to see if they’ve already been asked and answered. Very convenient and very easy!

The other path takes you to the Online Entrepreneur Certification course that consists of 5 phases of 10 courses each, including:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
  3. Making Money!
  4. Mastering Social Engagement
  5. Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

There are also hundreds, if not thousands of one-hour classroom training sessions in the archives for you to view.


You can have up to 2 onsite websites as a starter member. You can have 25 onsite websites plus up to 25 domain websites as a premium member. Two websites as a starter member should give you enough exposure to the training and opportunities to be able to decide if you want to really dig in and make this a great business.

Within the Websites tab you have access to 7 subheadings, including:

  1. Site Manager
  2. Site Builder
  3. Site Domains
  4. Site Content
  5. Site Comments
  6. Site Feedback
  7. Site Support

If you like you can watch from the sidelines as I continue to add to my website; Marine Helping Veterans.

Live Events

Once a week a one-hour live webinar is held to train people on a different subject. All past webinars are kept in an archive and available for premium members to watch at any time.


The Research tab is also broken down into seven different categories and are run by the tool, Jaaxy:

  1. Site Rank
  2. My Keyword List
  3. Search Analysis
  4. Alphabet Soup
  5. Brainstorm HQ
  6. Affiliate Programs
  7. Niche Keyword Lists

Live Chat

This tab brings up a flow of the Live Chats that are currently going on. If you want to watch the Live Chat and respond to questions that come up, it is easy to do so this way. Also, if you want to ask a question and get a quick response this is the place to do it.

Although, I would first recommend using the Help Search Bar at the top of the page first. I’m a believer in doing a little research first before asking a question that has been asked previously. You learn from it and it gives folks more time to answer new or more complicated questions. But, that’s just my opinion.

Help Center

This is the final tab on the left side of the page. This will show you Site Support, Ask a Question, Live Chat, and Private Message. The Help Center will also display your premium coaches, Carson, Kyle, and the person who referred you at a minimum.

Finally, there will be listed the Top Helpers Today.

On the top of the screen is the top bar and it has by default from left to right, the WA home page icon, the Help Search Bar where you can input your questions, and next are six icons:

  1. A pencil
  2. A “W” Coin
  3. A “$” Circle
  4. A Plane
  5. A Notification Bell
  6. An envelope

The pencil opens up the following choices:

  1. Blog at WA
  2. Create Training
  3. Write an Article
  4. Build a Website
  5. Find a Domain

The “W” Coin takes you to the credits page that goes over cash credits and affiliate credits. The page shows your progress with each and how they can be exchanged for money or services.

The “$” Circle opens up the following choices:

  1. Program Details
  2. My Stats
  3. Tasks
  4. My Referrals
  5. Links & Tracking
  6. Messages
  7. Banners

The airplane opens up a popup that will take you to a page that gives you more information on the WA Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference that is paid for by Wealthy Affiliates if you earn 300 premium referrals within one calendar year.

The Notification Bell will have a white number with a red circle to notify you if someone has commented on your post, a comment, a post your are following and other things. It helps you to promptly respond to people.

The Envelope takes you to your Private Message Inbox.

Side Note

Just as a side note, some people wonder how hard it is to write a 1000-page article. Well, with what I’ve written up until now we come out at 1063 words and this was just going over what the Wealthy Affiliate website has to offer briefly. I haven’t even gone into many of the areas that I have bulleted up above, yet.

Let’s Get Down to Brass Tacks

The hosting service that I have been a yearly member to since the early 2000s cost about $200 a year. It gives me unlimited websites, email services for them and bunch of other plugins. Domains cost about $10 per year. If I paid here the yearly fee it would bring the cost here down to $359 per year.

However, here is what I don’t get from my hosting plan over there.

  1. No immediate responses to questions
  2. No community whatsoever
  3. Very little training on the available plugins, mostly written training from those vendors.
  4. No affiliate marketing for their service, so there is no incentive to tell others about it. Think about it, if you have referred three people who become premium members here, you have just paid for the services here. Is that going to be so hard to do?
  5. Websites that are slow to respond when put into a speed test.
  6. I could go on and on about what they don’t have.

I’ve only been here less than a week and here’s what I really like so far as I’ve only just begun to see what all is here:

  1. Great community outreach, people are continually commenting on my posts and reaching out and being neighborly.
  2. This writing tool is a great way to make posts and pages for your websites, it is so easy now to sit down and just start writing. And, it comes with spelling and grammar checker and will look to see if there is duplicate content on the web. I will use that especially when I start to outsource articles I’ll be able to ensure who I’m paying isn’t just copying and pasting someone else’s content.
  3. Ease of buying a domain and moving a local sited domain to that purchased domain.
  4. The training progresses in such a smart way so you don’t feel lost or confused, its just one step at a time and very enjoyable to go through.
  5. The research tools all in one place is a great idea. Before I had to do google searches and YouTube searches and use all of these individual tools to get the answers that I can get now in one spot. The time that I’ll save on this will pay for itself, as well.
  6. Having everything available on any page you are working in is also very convenient. With a different software vendor I have to have a separate account to login and check my referrals than the account I use for the service. :-O
  7. Having everything at one price with no up sells is great. I’m a member of another affiliate marketing service and everything is an up sell. I’m currently spending $60 per month to be an affiliate and get little assistance. The training they have is their big up sell and I won’t get that until I pay for it, and I mean a lot. I’ll probably use what I earn here to pay for their training or I won’t even need it after completing the training here!
  8. The best thing is you can try this out for free, so why not come on in and create a free account and get behind the wheel in the drivers seat?!

Comments Appreciated

If you’ve had any experience with Wealthy Affiliates or another service like this, don’t hesitate to say something in the comments below. I’d love to hear your story and maybe even do more reviews on other services that are out there that will help us as affiliate marketers make it in today’s online environment.

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