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Cloudways WordPress Review




Cloudways Wordpress Review

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Name: Cloudways WordPress

Website: Cloudways WordPress Hosting


52 Springvale, Pope Pius XII Street

Mosta MST2653, Malta

Price/Plans: Digital Ocean’s $10/month plan to $226/month plan of Google Cloud

Company Name: Cloudways

Cloudways WordPress Overview

Cloudways is one of the most reliable web hosting providers in the market. They provide a managed cloud hosting solution that delivers a secure, high performance, and easy to set up web hosting with less downtime. However, Cloudways does not offer servers for email hosting and domain registration. Below are some features of Cloudways WordPress

Key Features:

  • Launch Multiple Apps in 1-Click. (WordPress, WoCommerce, Magento)
  • Unlimited apps on a server
  • 5 top-notch cloud providers (AWS. Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Linode & Vultr) in a 1- click
  • Free SSL certificates.
  • Built-in CloudwaysCDN
  • High-performance stack for WordPress, Wocommerce & Magento
  • Pay-as-You-Go Pricing model.
  • Built-in Free Cache Plugins for WordPress & Magento
  • 1-Click Operations (server launch, server/app cloning, monitoring, and many more)
  • Dev Friendly Staging Environment
  • Managed Security and Backups.
  • Effective Team Collaboration Features
  • Easy Github Automation for Developers
  • Flexibility to Scale Servers
  • Transfer Servers & Billing to Your Clients on Simple Clicks.

How to set up your Cloudways hosting server

The process of obtaining a cloud server setup with Cloudways is easy and intuitive. First, you sign up for a free Cloudways account. In this step, you are given the option of signing up either through a GitHub account, Google, or LinkedIn. The most preferred sign-in method is through email. Once you enter your email, you receive an activation link, click on the link and activate your account. And you will be able to access the dashboard.

After creating your account, it will be time to set up your server to host your website. Start by selecting your application (i.e., WordPress). You then choose the cloud server to provide and set out the size of your server. When selecting your server’s size, it is viable to go for a plan that you estimate will suit your needs. Lastly, state your server location depending on where you receive most of your traffic.

Type of Hosting

Cloudways provides dedicated and VPS server hosting to those who require superior performance or those with large businesses. It gets its hosting infrastructure from the top five providers.

What Cloudways WordPress offers


Getting help from Cloudways is easy. It features three types of 24/7/365 support systems: standard, advanced support add on, and premium support add-ons. The standard support add-on system is free and includes a live chat that you can access any time for guidance on your queries.

For advanced support add-ons, you receive a response in a timelier manner and support with more expertise than in standard support. Here you receive expert answers, more in-depth application troubleshooting, pro-active monitoring, customization support, and much more. This support plan starts at $100 per month. With a premium support add-on, you get more additional features such as a dedicated account manager, phone support, and a private slack channel. Alternatively, Cloudways WordPress has a community forum consisting of their users and employees. You can get answers to your queries from their employees.

Server OS

Cloudways Web hosting is provided in the Linux server setup equipped with Thunderstack. It offers Debian 8 based hosting servers coupled with SSD based technology.


Although Cloudways does not provide email hosting, it offers many email add-ons that allow you to email reliably. Either with the email hosting provider at hand or with your SMTP provider. Some email add-ons offered by Cloudways are Rackspace Email hosting, elastic email, and custom SMTP Add-on.

Bandwidth limits

You are unlikely to encounter any inadequate bandwidth issues with Cloudways. The essential plan has a bandwidth of 1TB, and the most advanced program has a 7TB. You can upgrade the bandwidth limits depending on your needs.


Cloudways WordPress is among the best platforms that allow users to use many plugins and themes when building their website. However, Users who have a larger file than 25 MB face challenges when uploading large files. With the help of a default setting, WordPress can accommodate files ranging from 2 MB to 150 MB.

What is the storage Limit?

As it is the same with all hosting providers, Cloudways servers offer various storage spaces. The most basic hosting plan provides a cloud server with 25 GB storage space, while the most advanced has a disc space of 640 GB.

Uptime (SLA)

Cloudways partners with top cloud providers such as AWS and Google to guarantee their cloud servers’ high performance. They guarantee a fully available 99.99% uptime and a 99.7% partially open up time. These terms are in the Cloudways Service Level Agreement. In case of downtime, you should consult them for help.

Backend managed or unmanaged.

Cloudways manages your application and everything you host on their servers. It monitors all vital metrics in your control panel and presents it to you in the form of graphs. The metrics shown in the charts include cache hit rates, your usage, and bandwidth. The maps guide you when it is ideal for upgrading.

However, there are features in your server that the hosting provider does not manage, and you will have to do it by yourself. First, the vertical scaling allows you to change the size of your server. You can either add RAM, increase the number of Processor Cores, or change the storage limits. Also, the backup tab allows you to configure the operations of the backup. Also, using an SMTP tab, you can configure an SMTP server to use for your server.

Tools & Training

Cloudways features several tools and training that make things convenient and efficient to its users. It offers several tools such as add-ons, application add-ons, vertical scaling, migrator tools, domain management tools, security services, and utilities.

What are the upgrade options?

There are four methods that you can use to upgrade your WordPress website. The first method is the easiest. You upgrade by setting your website to update after WordPress releases a new version. You can also upgrade your Cloudways WordPress using the one-click method. WordPress sends notifications on the upgrade menu when there is a new version, and you update by clicking on the link. You can also upgrade your WordPress manually using your FTP client. Lastly, you can also upgrade your WordPress using a core with manual WP-CLI.

Pro and cons


  • It offers a free trial for three days
  • 24/7 support from a friendly team
  • Free site migration


  • No email hosting
  • You cannot use Cplesk or panel

Final Verdict

Cloudways is one of the best Cloud hosting platforms, and it offers you five cloud server options with a Pay-as-you-go plan. They offer 24/7 support and a free migration plan. However, Cloudways has some drawbacks too. It does not include email hosting and doesn’t allow Cplesk or panel and domain registration.

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Here is my article on How to Build a Website Easy – In Less Than 5 Minutes

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