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  • What is the Purpose of a Resume

    Why Your Resume is Your Golden Ticket Have you ever considered how vital your resume is in your professional journey? Think of it as your golden ticket. Your First Handshake with Employers Before you walk into an interview or even get a callback, your resume speaks for you. It’s your initial handshake with potential employers,…

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  • Check My Military Discharge Status

    Check My Military Discharge Status How to Check Your Military Discharge Status Checking your military discharge status is an important part of understanding your service record. Whether you are a veteran or active duty, you can easily access and review the details of your military discharge status. Let’s take a look at the steps you…

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  • Crafting Federal Resumè: Best Practices and Mistakes

    Full Credit for this article goes to Dan DiPiro, whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with in the past. The article has been posted here with his permission. Resume DOs and DON’Ts from the perspective of a hiring official The following resume and interviewing tips are based on my experiences as a selecting official…

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  • Writing for Veterans

    Can you write 2000 words in 2 days? As I finished my previous post it dawned on me that I had just written a little over 2,000 words in two days, and this was after finishing two 8-hour workdays. Why was I able to do that? Can you do that? In the military it is…

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  • Military Retirement Checklist – Jobs for Veterans

    Military Retirement Checklist – Jobs for Veterans In 2000, when I was about to retire from the Marine Corps there was not a lot of resources setup specifically for veterans. You had things like Monster Jobs and a few others and that was about it, but you were competing with everyone else for the same…

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